Life at Home Office

Creative. Entrepreneurial. Totally unique. But enough about you – let’s talk about us. We’re driven by the same core values as our customers, and we approach our work with a sense of community and purpose that sets our brands apart. We love what we do. And if working with us sounds like something you’d love, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our corporate campus fosters creativity and fun as well as a healthy work-life balance for employees. The campus is a collaborative, creative environment where employees can connect and interact both professionally and socially. Learn more about life on campus.

Working here is a perk in its own right, but we can always sweeten the deal. We’ve got you covered with flexible options for medical benefits, paid time off, the coveted employee discount, and so much more. Oh, and did we mention you can bring your dog to work? Check out the full lineup.

Buying and Merchandising

Is shopping your dream job? Do you daydream about outfits, narrators, and story lines? Buying is the heart of our brands, and visual storytelling is our forte. From traditional basics to handmade pieces by local artists, every buyer's choice is customer-inspired and meticulously managed. Whether it’s in-store, online, or direct-to-consumer, Buying and Merchandising are critical to our success.

Buying Roles.


Is your sketchbook filled with trend inspiration and hand sketching? Are you looking to bring bold ideas to life? Our apparel and home design teams thrive on innovation, artistic integrity, and the pursuit of beautiful. You’ll work with a team that encourages risk-taking while building collections that customers love. Are you ready to see your work on millions of people and in stores around the world?

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Are you wild about gorgeous photography? Do you dote over telling the perfect story? While working cross-functionally, Creative Services thrives on developing beautiful imagery and engaging prose, in conjunction with creating a one-of-a-kind store experience and marketing our campaigns to inspire our customer. We present the meticulous work of our product teams to make sure those collections look their absolute best.

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Are your motivations rooted in data-driven marketing, experiential design, and/or innovative retail solutions? Ever-changing technology and new customer behaviors are redefining e-commerce. To serve the individual needs and desires of our brands and their millions of customers, Digital is improving the customer experience across global e-commerce by contributing to projects seen and used worldwide.

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