Respect Our People

At URBN, our people are at the heart of what we do. We aim to cultivate a creative entrepreneurial spirit in every employee, empower everyone involved in our supply chain, and always put our customers first.

Cultivate Community

URBN is built on the idea of self-expression and individuality. We are passionate about celebrating everyone for who they are and the unique perspectives they bring to the table. We aim to value diversity and promote inclusion throughout our entire community. Our customers and employees are a multifaceted group; we are listening to their feedback, researching and implementing best practices, and working to ensure everyone feels welcomed and valued in our stores, facilities, and offices.

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Improve Supply Chain Transparency
  • Deliver Sourcing Training to our suppliers on an annual basis, beginning in 2023
  • Complete Mapping Tier 1 and Map Tier 2 of Our Ownbrand Apparel Supply Chain by 2025
  • Implement a Supplier Risk Scoring System to Inform our Purchasing Decisions
  • Conduct Annual Audits to Ensure Suppliers Meet and Exceed our Standards