FREE PEOPLE is part of the Urban Outfitters, Inc. portfolio. Like a family, each brand is its own unique and compelling entity, but all share the same core emphasis on creativity and the desire to foster a rich customer experience. In the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where the southernmost part of the city meets the Delaware River, sit a cluster of renovated warehouses. From Building 25, Free People’s illuminating culture shines through every day, thanks to the passionate souls and creative individuals who channel the FP girl and drive our growth.


Free People began its journey in 1970, in a modest West Philadelphia storefront, offering up plants, records, along with a few pieces of clothing. Though the name was changed to Urban Outfitters just a year later, Free People was revived as the company’s wholesale label in 1984. And it hasn’t looked back since.

The eclectic assortment quickly assembled behind it a fiercely loyal fan base, and this fueled the opening of FP’s first brick-and-mortar store in Paramus, NJ in 2002, along with the birth of in '04, and the first mail-order catalog arriving in homes during the summer of ’05.

All the while, Free People has dedicated its energies to building a close-knit relationship with the FP community, and continues to seek out new ways to maintain and elevate this very unique and meaningful bond.

She is intelligent, creative, confident. She pushes the limits. She is a strong spirit, guided by the beat of her own drum. As feminine as she is cool. There is not another one like her.