A Message to Our Community

Our Brands June 03, 2020

Today, our Executive Team carefully considered URBN’s core values, our community’s feedback, and how we can improve diversity and combat racism. We support and stand with the Black community, and we recognize that we all must do more than we’ve done to date. Historically, we have focused on education, art, and entrepreneurship as the keys to providing opportunities to better ourselves and our communities. In light of these core principles, we commit to:

  • Attract and hire a more diverse internal and external workforce.
  • Continue to educate our teams to create a culture that values and respects this diversity.
  • Better connect with and support our local Black communities and charities.

Towards these goals, we will:

  1. Expand our recruiting efforts at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  2. Support educational opportunities for young Black students
  3. Expand our diversity and anti-discrimination training
  4. Help rebuild and grow businesses in Black communities
  5. Donate $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund and arrange for a 3:1 employee donation match to this charity or the following charities:

We ask that you join us to execute these actions and accomplish our goals.

Dick Hayne

Chief Executive Officer, Urban Outfitters, Inc.