Floral Hairpieces with The FLWRY

Employees celebrated the first week of March by learning how to make beautiful, swoon-worthy floral hairpieces with THE FLWRY – Philadelphia’s first floral subscription service. Hosted inside the Acid Bath, employees mixed and matched a variety of fresh flowers to create a one-of-a-kind piece, and each left with a new hairpieces and fabulous photos to brag about the session on social media (#brownbagworkshops).

Created by Nicole Rossi and Nicole Paloux, THE FLWRY, is a floral prescription service born out of a desire to have fresh cut, seasonal flowers at home, all day, every day, accessible to the Philadelphia community. THE FLWRY sources their flowers from local farms, which have been carefully selected and with whom THE FLWRY has developed a relationship based on their quality and unique offering of flowers.

Every other week on Thursdays, THE FLWRY delivers members’ refill of flowers to their chosen pickup location. Six different pickup locations throughout the city are made up of like-minded businesses such as great coffee shops, bakeries, nail salons and restaurants. Members pick their FLWRY Rx refills up between 4:30PM and 7:00PM by simply showing their prescription card to the person at the counter, and off they go with the week's floral loot. THE FLWRY also emails members with pickup reminders and care instructions for each Rx refill.

Check out www.theflwry.com to learn more and reserve your “prescription” for wellness through flowers today.