FP GIRLS are inspired by five very different personalities. We personify our style and categorize our trends by making them relatable to our customers through our Free People girls.


Lou has a carefree style that reflects her laid-back, down-to-earth spirit. Exploring the world or hanging out with the guys, Lou’s almost always in a pair of jeans and a worn-in tee.

Meadow is a true free spirit. Intriguing and enchanting, the understated magic within her rarely goes unnoticed. This dreamer wanders the earth in bohemian looks that channel the beauty of decades past.

Ginger is naturally alluring and completely charming, and has a magnetic effect wherever she goes. She’s in her element at parties and intimate affairs, never turning down a wild night spent under the stars.

Candy has a lighthearted, ethereal approach to life. She is romantic, girly, and drawn to all things femme. Her philosophy: delicate, lovely, and lacey.

Sandy dreams of an eternal summer spent roaming the earth’s most beautiful beaches. With salt water in her hair and sand between her toes, she gravitates toward effortless silhouettes that catch the sea breeze.