In 2019, we began working with FABSCRAP, a Brooklyn-based non-profit, to recycle 1,500 lbs of fabric waste from our knitting, sample, and pattern-making room. In April of 2021 we announced that we will facilitate FABSCRAP’s expansion into the Mid-Atlantic region. We will provide a new physical FABSCRAP location located in Philadelphia, as well as working capital grant.


Each year, over 6.3 million tons of textiles are wasted during the design and production process to make clothing. FABSCRAP is dedicated to countering the fashion industry’s commercial textile waste problem, diverting as much unused material as possible from being landfilled or incinerated, while simultaneously creating an accessible materials resource for creative communities. To date, FABSCRAP has diverted over 700,000 lbs of textiles from the landfill.


How it Works

Fabric scraps are separated into two groups, one for resale and the other for recycling. Recycled scraps contain proprietary patterns or logos and are shredded to create insulation, carpet padding, furniture lining, moving blankets, etc. Students, artists, crafters, quilters, sewers, teachers, and of course, other designers can purchase any material collected that is not proprietary.