DIVERSITY & INCLUSION URBN is working to create an inclusive environment of diversity and equality where all are welcome and heard. Listening and learning is at the heart of our commitments to change policies, attitudes, and habits that do not align with our core values. Through training, community partnerships, and diverse talent, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees and customers.

Our Commitment to Culture

We are committed to creating a more inclusive culture that values and respects our efforts to build a more diverse work environment.

Made of several highly engaged members across our community, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee will lead the charge on building a more inclusive space through their commitments to Community, Culture, and People. The Committee's strategic focuses include community outreach, representation, learning & development, recruitment, and supplier diversity.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee reports to our leadership team. Our leadership team is committed to continuing our work in cultivating an inclusive culture at all levels of the organization.

Our Commitment to People

We are committed to attracting and hiring a more diverse and inclusive internal and external workforce.

We are committed to continuously identifying best practices for elevating our diversity hiring process and recruitment strategy. We have begun cultivating relationships with the top 20 HBCU’s, including two schools in the Philadelphia area. The goal of these conversations is to educate each school about our brands, identify each school's top degree programs, and devise a plan of partnership. Ultimately, creating long-lasting relationships and driving recruitment of top talent for both our full-time positions and internship programs.

In 2020, all employees across the organization were were offered the opportunity to attend Diversity & Inclusion training led by third-party experts. We are excited to continue this foundational training as well as offer additional topics in interviewing and candidate experience, inclusive communication, and inclusive leadership.

Our Commitment to Communities

We are committed to better connecting with and supporting our local communities and charities. Not only were we able to donate $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund, we also arranged for a 3:1 employee donation match to eligible charities. These efforts combined raised a total of $925,969 to support BIPOC communities. See below for more efforts toward this commitment.

Communities We Support