Reducing Single-use Plastic at Home Office

At Home Office, each of our kitches are equipped with reusable cups, plates and utensils. Our brands also gift employees and new hires with many sustainable tools to reduce impact: across campus you'll see items like reusable bamboo utensils, metal straws, handmade ceramic mugs, waterbottles and lunch boxes. Our on campus eateries support reducing single-use plastic and encourage employees to BYO by offering a discount on beverage purchases and a water refill station. In an effort to be more sustainable, 543 has implemented a hard plate policy for staff lunches.

Recycling On Campus

As our company continues to grow, so do our recycling programs. At our Navy Yard campus, we recycle paper, cardboard, plastics 1-7, pre-consumer fabric, and have collection points for cell phones and batteries. We also work with our office supply company to recycle toner cartridges. Additionally, our Shop 543 Café and Jharoka Coffee Shop compost approximately 500 lbs a week. The majority of our buildings on our campus are in the process of transitioning out single-use paper and cutlery.

Fabric Recycling at Home Office

At Home Office, we’ve continued our work with Fabscrap, Inc. – the Brooklyn-based non-profit dedicated to maximizing diversion of fabric waste from landfills. In 2020, we diverted over 1,500LBs of home office cutting and sample waste through Fabscrap’s unique matrix of recycling and resale. In 2021, we plan to not only continue our on-going relationship, but expand into other areas of our supply chain to provide inventory and waste solutions.

Recycling at Distribution & Fulfillment Centers

As we continue to support our increased direct to consumer business, it important to us to reducing our impact on the environment through our packing materials. That's why we use FSC® certified paper that is harvested in a responsible manner. Additionally, much of the plastic used in our facility is recyclable. AS of March 2021, all of our void-fill was transitioned to 99.7% PCW material, that is 100% recyclable. This is 23.7M linear feet of virgin plastic that has been replaced by post-consumer recycled material.

Recycling at Our Stores

Each of our stores recycle, either through separate container, Waste Management’s single stream program or other municipal entities. Additionally, we have a program disposing of lamps through Capital Lighting/Waste Management in California and Washington. In 2020, our Anthropologie brand introduced recycleable gift boxes made from post-consumer materials. We are always looking to innovate, that's why Urban Outfitters partnered with Trex to repurpose shipping plastic – the program is being tested in select doors.

Food Waste at Home Office

On campus, Shop 543 Café and Jharoka Coffee Shop compost approximately .64 tons a week. Our weekly pick-up of food scraps and other compostable material keeps organic material out of landfills and reduces our environmental impact. In 2019 alone, we prevented over 25 tons of food waste from hitting landfills. Anthropologie has begun to test a program to compose within their offices – they have we hope to launch this to all buildings accross campus pending results.

Skip a Bag Program

In 2019 Free People saved 514,000 (over half a million!) bags from hitting landfills. Our skip a bag program not only reduces waste but also raised funds for the NPF.


Shop 543's culinary team strive to be as sustainable as possible in both sourcing and presentation. For each event, expect to find recyclable bamboo plates and reusable silverware to enjoy the innovative and locally sourced menu tailor-made for your gathering. Post event, all food waste is composted.