URBN uses web-based product level management and assortment planning systems across our entire supply chain to provide real-time visibility to product while reducing the amount of supplies required to create it, helping us make right first time decisions without producing excess waste, and excess inventory.

Our Fulfillment Centers use auto-bagging technology, which scans and creates a bag around merchandise, allowing us to use just enough bag as is necessary to get our products to your door. Additionally, all of our Fulfillment and Distribution Centers use Cubiscan technology to help us eliminate excess space in packages, reducing space and shipping material waste.

We have introduced 3D visualization technology to increase right-first-time product, and reduce costs, and reduce our environmental footprint. It may be obvious that 3D visualization increases right first time and reduces costs because of the simple fact that its virtual - but all of those benefits of changing designs, swapping fabrics, and creating patterns are benefits for sustainability as well. It reduces our need for sample yardage, cutting down on the amount of cut waste produced from a sample. It reduces the number of samples we need from 2-3 to 1, eliminating around 8,000 garment samples a year, IE waste due to mutilation. Finally, because of the reduced number of samples, the carbon footprint of any CLO garment is significantly reduced because you’re not flying samples back and forth to the production region.

We use independent proprietary software to audit and track certifications to maintain transparency and accuracy for all sustainability initiatives.