Our fulfillment center in Gap, Pennsylvania, has one of the largest single rooftop installations in the U.S. Installed on October 25, 2014, it has 13,464 modules spanning across a 22 acre roof, and is capable of exporting 1.0MW of A/C power. The net effect is just over 22 million kilo-watts per hour (KPH) of saved electrical consumption each year, which is approximately equivalent to running a 60W bulb for eight hours a day for 126,000 years! And, impressively, this solar panel saves 965 tons of CO2, 108,956 gallons of gas and 24,212 trees per year. As of March 2020, the lifetime generation of this solar array was 19,080,007 kWh.

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Installed at our corporate campus in 2012, our Bloom Box Energy system consists of stacked fuel cells that convert chemical energy from natural gas and water into electricity. When installed, it was our largest green initiative ever and its impact has been equally as impressive. As of March 2020, the Lifetime Energy Generated by these Fule Cells was 26,666 MWh.

Located just 45 minutes from our Home Office campus, our Nuuly Fulfillment Center is home to 12 dry cleaning machines, 8 wet wash machines, 8 dryers, 2 steam tunnels, and Nuuly’s customized processing stations. These state-of-the-art machines are energy-efficient and use cleaning products that are 100% Perchloroethylene-free, phosphate-free, non-alkaline, and gentler on the environment than household detergents.

Each of our brands has begun to implement a LED lighting strategy – as they are built, all new stores will have LED lighting and we are retrofiting existing stores where conditions permit. Our Home Office has undergone conversion to LED where conditions permit and our Fulfillment Centers have motion sensing LED lighting installed in all new and recently constructed facilities; the Reno Fulfillment Center is Certified LEED Silver.

URBN believes in supporting alternate forms of transportation whenever possible. That's why our campus features many energy saving options for commuters. Each employee is given a bike light and helmet which makes it easy to take advantage of the on-site the Indego Bike Share. For those interested in ride sharing, we offer commuter benefits through Wage Works and free electric shuttles into our campus. For our commuters who drive, we even offer free electric vehicle charging stations. Our EV Stations are level 2 (fast charging) and as of March 2020, the lifefime energy generated is 682 kWh or 2,700 miles of EV Commuting.

Described by POLITICO Magazine as "the coolest shipyard in America" and by Urban Land Institute as "one of the most successful office/industrial master-planned redevelopments in U.S. history," the Philadelphia Navy Yard is a 1,200-acre thriving waterfront community, with 7.5 million square feet of real estate in a mix of historic buildings and LEED® certified new construction oriented around world-class open space. More than $1 billion of public and private funding has been invested into the campus since the base closure, attracting over 150 companies employing more than 13,500 workers. Learn more about sustainability-related initiatives at the Navy Yard.